Poems/Readings for Church Programs


The Lord, He had a job for me

But I had so much to do,

I said: You get somebody else,

Or wait 'til I get through

I don't know how the Lord came out

But He seemed to get along,

But I felt kinda sneakin' like

Cause I know'd I done Him wrong.

One day, I needed the Lord myself,

Needed Him right away,

And He never answered me at all,

But I could hear Him say:

Down in my accusin' heart---

I've got too much to do;

You get somebody else,

Or wait 'til I get through.

Now, when the Lord has a job for me,

I never tries to shirk,

I drops what I have on hand,

and does the good Lord's work;

And my affairs can run along,

Or wait 'til I get through,

Nobody else can do the job,

The Lord's marked out for YOU.