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2019 Can You Spare a FIVE?!


   We plan to give, give, give in 2018

   What are our plans?

   Give more scholarships to graduating seniors

   Assist the elderly with their utility bills

   Assist the elderly with minor home maintenance projects

   Assist the elderly with cooling during the sweltering summer months

   Give more supplies to local area schools for students

   We realize that most people want to do more to help others.  Combine      

   your five dollars with other givers and watch your contribution blossom.    

   We are more than quick to highlight any area of your giving that you 

   would like.  The credit is yours.  We want to be conduit between those  

   who need assistance and your altruism!

Please DONATE $5 Now!

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Loving Seniors

The elderly

We offer several scholarships a year to a graduating high school senior.

We desire to provide some relief for the poor, the distressed, and the underprivileged. We ask that you join us in our efforts by volunteering and making donations.​

For more than 20 years, WINGS OF CHANGE has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the hungry, needy and politically under-represented members of our global family. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time. . .